The intolerant haters at PayPal have terminated the account of the American Freedom Union and The Nationalist Times newspaper, which means until we can find a reliable merchant with integrity that doesn’t exercise censorship it’s no longer possible to purchase a subscription to The Nationalist Times  or to join the American Freedom Union. 

You can, however, subscribe to The Nationalist Times by snail mail for one year for just $19, or two years for just $37, well under half the regular subscription price! Send check, money order or cash
to: The Nationalist Times, P.O. Box 218, Wildwood, PA 15091. This offer is for new or former subscribers only; it is not a renewal offer for existing subscribers.

(For those living outside the U.S., because of the  cost of mailing outside America, the special subscription rate is $49 for one year or $79 for two years and payment must be made by a check accepted by U.S. banks, international money order, or U.S. cash.)

Did you know there are now only two nationally circulated pro-American, pro-Nationalist print publications left in the U.S.? There used to be dozens of them but one by one they’ve gone out of existence. The Nationalist Times was founded in 1985 and has been published monthly ever since, but we are in era where it is very difficult for print publications to survive, especially ones like The Nationalist Times that strongly reject the reigning Party line.

Dissident thoughts and sites on the internet are being deplatformed, censored, marginalized, buried in search results, and in many cases eradicated altogether. A great advantage of a print publication like The Nationalist Times is that it can’t be censored in any way.

Subscribe to The Nationalist Times and help us thrive and reach many more people. Even if you’ve never been interested in print publications before, give it a try and you just may find that The Nationalist Times becomes an important and vital resource to you in the fight against the forces openly targeting and destroying Western Civilization.


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