Founded in 1995, the American Freedom Union is the largest nationalist political organization in the United States. We are always pro-American in outlook; we believe in taking care of America and Americans first.

The American Freedom Union publishes The Nationalist Times newspaper. Founded in 1985, The Nationalist Times educates Americans about the systematic plundering of their way of life by giving them the best news and views available. Published monthly, The Nationalist Times is a newspaper that pulls no punches and has no sacred cows or taboos to observe. The Nationalist Times exposes the problems plaguing America and gives the needed solutions to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

It’s time to end the fracturing of America’s dispossessed majority into hundreds of splinter groups. A united bloc of Americans can elect a government which will serve the great Middle American core which built America and which still sustains it, but which finds itself today without political representation. Join the American Freedom Union today! http://www.testerwebsites.com/AFU/subscribe/

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